Step-by-step guide to reducing DER rates in SAP with GasSaver

Installing a combi boiler fitted with Canetis GasSaver technology is one of the quickest, easiest and cheapest ways of reducing DER rates to reach the required TER rate on new builds.

And following the great feedback we received from our last email we have created a step-by-step  guide to help you complete the SAP calculations using the Elmhurst Design SAP 2012 software package. Click here to download the guide.

Using screenshots, our simple guide takes you through the 12 steps from the Main Heating 1 tab to the final click that shows the greatly reduced DER rate calculation thanks to the benefits of the GasSaver.

Boiler Plus comes into effect on 6th April 2018

This means that every newly installed combi boiler must be fitted with one of a choice of four specified energy saving measures. Of these four devices, only the GasSaver can achieve such exceptional results – a DER rate reduction of up to 24% and a saving for consumers of up to £180 a year on their gas and water bills.

GasSaver is by far and away the most cost-effective energy saving measure you could choose, allowing a saving of as much as £10,000 per plot.

For developers who want the most affordable method of achieving their TERs, GasSaver is the answer. No other FGHR technology currently available can deliver this level of energy efficiency.

The GasSaver…

  • captures waste heat from vented gases and reuses it to heat cold mains water
  • reduces the amount of rejected lukewarm water
  • reduces the Dwelling Emission Rate by up to 24%
  • provides 08m3 total savings a year on DHW consumption for the average house
  • raises boiler efficiency beyond an ‘A’ rating to reach close to 100% efficiency

Helpful tip: when selecting the Flue Gas Heat Recovery option on the PCD database remember to check the flue gas heat recovery box on your SAP or RdSAP forms.

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