The simplest and fastest way to reduce DER rates by up to 24%

Achieving the required SAP rating on new builds no longer needs to rely on additional time-consuming energy efficiency measures such as solar or insulation.

The easy-fit low cost GasSaver flue gas heat recovery system for combination gas boilers dramatically improves SAP ratings by reducing the Dwelling Emission Rate by up to 24%.

Put simply, the GasSaver makes it cheaper to build houses whilst adhering to the required energy efficiency standards. It also delivers substantial savings to consumers on their energy and water bills, year after year.

Of the four technologies for new gas combi boilers specified in the Government’s Boiler Plus legislation that comes into force in April 2018, only the patented GasSaver technology from Canetis has the capability of increasing domestic hot water efficiency by as much as 31%.

For developers who want the most affordable method of achieving their Target Emission Rates, the GasSaver is the answer. No other FGHR technology currently available can deliver this level of energy efficiency.

The GasSaver…

  • captures waste heat from vented gases and reuses it to heat cold mains water
  • reduces the amount of rejected lukewarm water
  • reduces the Dwelling Emission Rate by up to 24%
  • provides 08m3 total savings a year on DHW consumption for the average house
  • raises boiler efficiency beyond an ‘A’ rating to reach close to 100% efficiency

Helpful tip: when selecting the Flue Gas Heat Recovery option on the PCD database remember to check the flue gas heat recovery box on your SAP or RdSAP forms.

Click here to find out how the GasSaver Alpha InTec 30GS boiler provided a cost-effective means of reaching the DER for a housing development on the Isle of Wight.

Click here to read more about the benefits of stored flue gas heat recovery technology in the Reliable Recovery report by Ecuity Consulting

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